Posted by: Jennifer Tai | August 7, 2006

Vietnamese Beef Noodles


This will actually be the most difficult dish Cooking Monster has seen thus far, but don’t be afraid, it’s not TOO difficult.

One of my favourite meals, Vietnamese Beef Noodles (or Pho) is a delicious, soupy meal that beef lovers will definitely enjoy. Although Vietnamese restaurants are widespread here in the US, most do not give a lot of meat or if you DO ask for more, it will most definitely cost you. And since my husband and I are meat lovers, I decided to attempt a recipe I found at Recipezaar. There are simpler ones out there (using beef broth) but I wanted it to be authentic.

Now for this recipe, if you like a spicier taste (by that I don’t mean hotter, but more aromatic) you might want to increase the portions of spices indicated (the ones you wrap in the cheese cloth). I found the end result, following this recipe, to be milder than we like it to be.

One important point I’d like to add to the recipe is that you can cook the soup overnight using a slow cooker, which saves a lot of time ‘looking after’ the boil.

Broiling the onion and ginger may also be skipped if you prefer them to go stronger in your soup.

You may also want to add tripe to the ingredients, which isn’t in the recipe here. Also, I would recommend adding more beef bones or beef bouillon to ‘thicken’ the soup. Instead of fillet mignon, I used the flank part, which turned out well, was really tender.

I also recommend eating this dish with the sauce made for Vietnamese spring rolls:


  • Fish sauce 2 tbsp
  • Lime juice, from one big lime
  • Brown Sugar, 1.5 tsp
  • Cilipadi, chopped, five-seven
  • Garlic, chopped, 1 tbsp

Just mix together and eat with noodles instead of Sriracha sauce.



  1. […] Recipe for the sauce is below, under my Vietnamese Beef Noodles post. […]

  2. Cool. I love pho, went to HCMC half a dozen times and I never missed the pho there.

  3. Yum, I am going to try this.

    cheers from Australia

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