Posted by: Jennifer Tai | June 4, 2006

The best snack in the world!


My friend Sharon made these one day and brought to our house for a tiny house party we had which was really to do our hair but the hairdresser never came, but you know what? It was a productive day 'coz we got to taste her delicious bacon stuffed eggs.

Here's a recipe I also found on the Net and adapted it with a spot of honey. Very guilty pleasure, absurdly easy to make. Best of all, kids love it (it's still nutritious for them I suppose, but maybe a little TOO nutritious for us grownups!).

Remember you can also sub the mayo and mustard with the 'lite' versions to make it less sinful!


  • Hard boiled eggs, six. After they are boiled hard, cut them into half, length-wise, separating the hardened yolks into a separate bowl
  • Bacon, fried crisp and crumbled
  • Dijon mustard, 1 tsbp
  • Mayonaisse, 2 tbsps
  • Honey, 1 tbsp (optional – I find it enhances the taste)
  • Pepper to taste


Mix bacon, egg yolks, mustard, honey and mayo, mashing everything together into a paste. Stuff back into the egg halves and there you have it! Goes well with bread too for that lunch sandwich!



  1. heheh….thanks for posting it out for me. i have been soooo lazy making the snack and take pictures of it…..but i like that you put a dash of honey in there as honey does enhance flavour and aroma in certain dishes

  2. oh, just a few more things if you would like to add, such as salt, pepper, shredded cheese or even fried garlic. if you would like to substitute the egg yolk instead, you can use mashed yam 🙂

  3. Oit! Will add you to this blog now that u’re subbed to wordpress hehe. I don’t really like yamlah hehe.

    welcome to the world of blogs!

  4. 😛 my blog is really nothing compare to yours, basically just some space for me to learn to write…..cheers!

  5. also egg yolks mixed with mushrooms are good for variety
    btw awsome blog!

  6. thanks guys 🙂

  7. nice recipe. Quite creative. for health purpose, yolks are high in cholesterol. plus mustard and mayo, its triple cholest. substitute it with mix vege with mustard n mayo is gud for any ages. a salad or a slice tomato is nice to add. 🙂

  8. These look so good! I’ve been making deviled eggs for years and have never thought to add honey, as an ingredient. What a great idea.


  9. wow, it looks delicious and easy to make.

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