Posted by: Jennifer Tai | May 5, 2006

A clean way to marinate meat

I forgot where I got this tip from but it's definitely way more hygienic than dunking in your hand into the meat. I remember my mom used to hate marinating meat because she would have to get her hands and fingernails dirty. Now, with the wonderful invention of Ziplock baggies, you can throw the meat in there with the seasoning, close it and then 'massage' the marinate in from the outside, hence keeping your hands dry and clean.

And what more, it saves space in your fridge!



  1. Mr. Oliver n Nigella love doing this! 🙂 Glad to see u cooking hun!

  2. This is exactly how I marinate my meat too..Think I picked it up from food network.

  3. I’ve done this for a while and it’s definitely the best way to do it. Great tip!

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