Posted by: Jennifer Tai | April 5, 2006

Egg in a basket


If you’ve watched the recently released V for Vendetta, you would’ve found out about this delightfully simple to make breakfast of egg and bread.

Simply tear a hole out from the middle of a slice of bread, break an egg into the hole and fry it on a pan (or as the Americans call it, a skillet) using delicious butter over medium heat.

I would suggest heating up the pan nicely, throw in the butter and when the pan is sufficiently greased with sizzling butter, place the bread in and QUICKLY break in the egg. If you leave the bread on its own too long before putting the egg in, you’ll get burnt bread by the time the egg is cooked.

Wait for the egg to cook as long as you can before flipping over. Try to use a wide spatula so you can scoop up the WHOLE bread/egg combo and flip it over in one quick movement. A light pan you can lift up while flipping will also help.

And if you want, use the piece of bread you tore out, fry it a bit, and then place it on top of the finished product, thus creating the ‘lid’ of the ‘basket’!



  1. Americans call this an egg sandwich.

    However, I will never ever watch a filthy movie that glamorizes and/or endorses evils like terrorism. Shame on you.

    • actually, if it was an egg an egg sandwitch, you would fry the egg by itself after breaking the yolk and adding salt and pepper and then making a sandwitch out of it with 2 slices of toasted bread and toppings like mayo and pickles.

      • You’re a complete fucking retard. Please die in a fire and remove yourself from the gene pool.

    • Completely unrelated – V for Vendetta did not endorse evil or terrorism, it endorsed free thinking and not letting your government control every aspect of your life the way the fictional government in the movie was.

      [and I am only talking about the movie. The graphic novel is a whole other ball park]

      • thank goodness there is a mind out there who understands

      • Definately agree.

    • ^yes.

    • your an idiot it doesn’t invoke terrorism. If you actually watched it with an open mind you would understand the deeper meaning.

      besides I hear this is good I hope to try it one day and your comment ruined my dat hope your happy

  2. You must be kidding me…

  3. Looks good. Will try it some day 🙂

  4. This isn’t a new recipe. I think they call it “bulls eye” (“mata kerbau” i think??) here.

  5. Mata kerbau is just the name for sunny side up egg. This is egg inside the bread.

  6. It has many names…many variation as well. In the UK, it’s called Toad in the Hole, but it’s not the same at all because they used sausages and Yorkshire Pudding, not egg and bread.

    More info here:

    In some countries, including Australia and Canada, and in the U.S. region of New England, Toad in the Hole is the name of a dish that involves cutting a hole in a slice of bread, cracking an egg into it, and then frying it. [1], [2]

    The second dish (egg on bread) is also called by quite a few other names: bird’s nest, holey toast, bullseye toast, egg on a raft, Adam and Eve on a raft, castle’d egg, “eggs with hats on top” recipe book and “eggy in a basket” quoted in V for Vendetta.

  7. vendetta movie shows this arr? haven’t watch it tho..but i got to know this method or recipe of this egg sandwich in a newspaper, i think it’s The Star, and have tried to cooked it. Well, it’s nice to see, but its tasted just the same without the hole. Same ol egg n bread, what do i expect kan?

  8. Thanks! I’m using this tomarrow for mother’s day brunch. My mom will love it.

  9. This information rocks!

  10. wonderful dish, simple and quick a favorite among my family

  11. Sounds good. the family will love it.

  12. taste really good fryed bread in butter to a good crisp ,,

    it may be called alot of things so or alot of other foods daa but its good.try it

    as far as the movie v lol,,oh the one from dc comics,comic book lol
    as reading this i watched it to see the big hipe lol,,,good thing it wasnt called captain america vs redskull 2 lol..all this over a slice of bread and a egg,,,

    try it a little cinnamon on it too its relly good(only if the cinnamon doesent make a globol treat)lol

  13. lol tha 1st time i ever hurd of this type of egg was in v is for vendetta (which was an awsome movie “ideas are bullet proof” 😉 anyway so i google’d -egg ina basket- and i made it…lol its easy-er then cookin sunnie side up eggs! plus it comes wit toaste :)….its my new fav way to cook eggs!!! thx perfect mom

  14. To the first idiot you left a comment, movies are ment to be subjective, weather you agree or disagree you shouldnt bad mouth it. its people like you that keep churches in buisness!

  15. Well…this is a lot of comments for a breakfast food. I just wanted to say that although there is nothing wrong with churches and no need for namecalling, I do agree that movies are ment to be subjective. Something that does irritate me is when people decide they hate a movie for one little part of it that they disagree with and they miss the entire point of the film. Although V is a terrorist, he is using terrorism to fight injustice in his own country which has become a nazi state. In the American Revolution our form of “terrorism” if you wish to call it that was the Boston Tea Party and that was only one example. Is it wrong to use terrorism to terrorize a government terrorizing it’s own people?? Just some food for thought while we are enjoying our eggs.

  16. Hooray for comment #15. Don’t think #1 REALLY watched the movie. Yes, here in the US, the Founding Fathers were known as traitors to England and the peanlty was death. V was a very good movie and the eggs in a basket are great.

  17. hey, thanks for this recipe! I’m delighted to find it.

    Also…loved the movie. And a rhetorical question appropriate for this day and age: what’s the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? Polemics…

    • if u win, ur a freedom fighter. If you lose, ur a terrorist. History is written by the winners.

  18. I’d just like to point out the power of a movie that can popularize a simple dish to such an extent that it envokes political commentary on a recipe site.

    To expound on that point I’d like to say this about V for Vendetta:

    This movie was intended to mark the juxtoposition of terrorism and government. Terrorism is dependant on perspective. I was glad to read that someone pointed out our fore fathers as such an expample. When they signed the Declaration of Independance and won the war they stopped being terrorists and soon became “patriots” “the wisest men of their time” etc. In the end we can see that terrorists were not so much fear mongering haters as patriots of freedom and ideas.

    As one man said long ago: “A true patriot must always be willing to defend his country from it’s government.”

  19. YUMMY!! I after watching the movie, I ate like 4 of these. ridiculous!! yummy yummy yay yay.

    the movie was alright by the way. recipe is most definitely better.

  20. YUMMY!! I after watching the movie, I ate like 4 of these. ridiculous!! TRY MAKING IT WITH CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD!! yummy yummy yay yay.

    the movie was alright by the way. recipe is most definitely better.

  21. wow .. finaly found this .. had it a long time ago at a cafe in london . saw v and it made me want one again..AND as to the comment someone said aout this being a movie that promotes terrorists.. i only have one quote form the movie that rings true .. * people should not be afraid of there goverment , the goverment should be afraid of it’s people.. * if it was not for this truth.. do you think the revolotion that started this great country would have ever took place?

  22. Great recipie for the kids, but beware of phone calls while making it. I filled the kitchen with smoke the first time. Saw the movie, and loved it for what it had to say. We in America now often put up with a lot from our government, because we are too comfortable to really risk everything to do something about it. Everybody claims to have “beliefs” and “values”, but very few of us realize what it is to sacrafice for those beliefs or to have to defend those values with anything other than rhetoric. The movie does a neat job of showing what happens when the balance so shifts, and people are so tired of being afraid, that they become “truely free” and are no longer afraid to lose what they have, including life itself. But then again I find it ironic that some tool will, in one breath, chastise someone for for criticizing movies, while in the same breath take the opportunity to take pot shots at religion, a topic not even remotely at issue until he or she raised it.

  23. Awesome recipe, thank you so much for sharing! This was an old favourite in my mother’s family, and this morning we wanted to try it out, but we’d forgotten the recipe. Huge help, thanks again!

  24. ok im watchin that movie as we speak ( v for vendetta) and its a great movie ive seen it before..i just would like to say to “brent” that the movie shows wht happens when the goverment is a faciast controlled as hugo weaver(“v”) people shouldnt be afraid of thier govt, govts should be afraid of thier people. the movie is a declaration of sorts tht freedom will never be stripped of its freedoms by its govt tht the people will always prevail for freedom belong to us and we will have it!

  25. I first heard of “eggs in a basket” in the movie V for Vendetta. I found it a delightful way to serve eggs and toast. My kids enjoyed participating in cutting the hole in the bread with a small cup. I rate this very high and a wonderful way to make eggs and toast. Kids love it too. As for the political view that brent made on 04/06/06, He is much like the cows of the world waiting to be slaughtered by the terrorists and fed to the multitudes. He finds comfort like an ostrich that sticks his head in the sand. Thank God there are people like the ones on flight United 93 willing to sacrifice so the cows and the ostriches can live out their useless lives in peace. Kudos to all who stand against terrorism and people like brent who do not know a sandwich from eggs in a basket well should go back to sicking their heads in the sand.

  26. roger LOL!

  27. I just watched V for Vendetta last weekend and after watching the movie my husband and I could not stop talking about how yummy the egg in a basket looked! Thanks for the recipe. 😉

  28. I was just wondering? How do you get it to look as good as they did. I just tried this last night, and while they were delicious (I made a seocnd after the first because it was great), it did not look nearly as neat and clean as it did in the movie. While one side looked like toast and some egg in the middle, the other side looked like a large white mass of egg. Too big an egg? Should it always look like that? Shrug…it was very tasty but I am a very bad cook…I’d love to make these for guests and want it to look the way it did in the movie (or roughly equivalent….help plz 🙂

    Loved the movie too…some people need to be less sensitive and just enjoy a good movie 🙂

  29. Well mine are also not as neat underneath. I just sort of brown it a bit on both sides so you can’t tell 🙂

  30. […] pss. And WTF is with all the comments in my last post, huh? I craft out beautiful entries and I get like four miserable, “Aww shucks, that’s sweet”, and then something about my husband’s rekindling with Modern Talking gets a whopping 11 comments (well, two of them were mine, but still!!!). What is that about? Friggin’ egg recipes and jinjang Joe posts getting more love than my lovingly written soul-searching pieces. […]

  31. Kudos to those who support V for Vendetta. I can’t believe Brent wasted our time with his holier than thou attitude when this is about a great snack! For the record, my husband is a retired F-14 driver, I am a retired United Flight Attendant and he is now a commercial pilot for Alaska Airlines…I think we have a handle on just exactly what a real terrorist is..(I have to try not to worry every time my husband goes to work) and we both think the movie is one of the best we have ever seen! Lighten up Brent! Thanks perfect Mom. My toasts come out the same way. I bet for the film they left out some of the egg white so that it fit better in the “basket”. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose” so let me just suggest that if you loved the movie as we did…you pick up the book ” V for Vendetta – From Script to Film”. I gives some super insights into V’s bipolar character good/evil and has the script with some awesome lines that were cut. Remember to try and use cage-free organic eggs whenever possible! Hens deserve humane treatment while they toil for us.

  32. Thanks for the recipe…I watched V at the IMAX and then bought it on DVD…I’ve been craving for an eggy in the basket eversince I watched the movie the first time…of course it never crossed my mind to look it up on the internet!! ha! Anyhow, love the comments and the recipe.

    BTW: Shame on YOU, Brent, for judging a movie you’ve never seen. Watch it first then give your comments.

  33. For those whos eggs don’t look like the movie. I use pam on a non-stick surface. Butter would work a bit better to get the golden brown effect. As for the eggs I use extra large and let my kids cut the hole with a tupperware juice cup. I think if you have trouble wait a little more before you flip it over and use a touch of butter on the pan as you flip it. or …. it may be the size hole you use. Try a larger one. Enjoy!!! 🙂

  34. V for Vendetta is an awesome movie!!!
    And, I’ve been wondering how to cook eggs in a basket for years. (i tried it on my own today…didn’t come out too well. I think your method will work much better) Thanks so much!

  35. Someone mentioned that us Yanks call this an egg sandwich. This is not exactly accurate. An egg sandwich (for us) is literally a sandwich consisting of a fried egg and cheese on toast or a bagel. SOmetimes we add bacon. This is a very heavy breakfast but is good before a day of hiking.
    Eggs in a basket is not a common American dish, but its fun to make.

  36. I experimented and toasted my bread lightly before I put it in the pan with the butter.

    I also lifted the toast a bit on all sides to let some of the white run out to cover some of the toast. The egg cooked faster without burning the toast on the first side. I didn’t look perfect but it worked great and the yolk could be cooked until it was medium after the flip.

    I still wasn’t as crunchy as Evey’s so the next time I will toast the bread a little longer before putting in the pan. You don’t need quite as much butter this way either.

  37. My “t” on my keyboard is sticking. Pardon all the “It” words that came out as “I”. I am not usually crunchy.


  39. LOL Victoria!

  40. I’ve tried this recipe twice now, since nothing rarely works the first time around. So, basically, what I’ve learned is: 1) you can never have too much butter; 2) patience is a virtue in that it would be best to cook over a slow flame and perhaps covered; 3) a large egg is definitely a must, but two eggs work just as well; and 4) it tastes awful good with a little maple syrup!

    Incidentally, I used just the yoke of the second of two medium sized eggs, which I poked with a fork upon adding it to the basket. A bigger hole is preferable to a smaller one, I think. (no pun intended)

  41. And for you “V for Vendetta” fans out there, feast upon this:

    “Voila! In View, a humble Vaudevillian Veteran, cast Vicariously as both Victim and Villain by the Vicissitudes of fate. This Visage, no mere Veneer of Vanity, is a Vestige of the Vox populi, now Vacant, Vanished. However, this Valorous Visitation of a bygone Vexation stands Vivified, and has Vowed to Vanquish these Venal and Villian Vermin Vanguarding Vice and Vouchsafing the Violently Vicious and Voracious Violation of Volition!

    *cuts up poster*

    The only Verdict is Vengeance, a Vendetta held as a Votive, not in Vain, for the Value and Veracity of such shall one day Vindicate the Vigilant and the Virtuous, (heh heh heh, heh heh) Verily, this Vichyssoise of Verbiage Veers most Verbose so let me simply add that it is my Very good honor to meet you, and you may call me V.”

    – This has to be one of the most classic scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie!
    (* I edited this myself, after countless reviews. Let me know if you find a mistake)

  42. I take this works better with smaller eggs rather than the jumbos – unless one is tearing the hell out their bread and making huge holes. Keeping the cut out part for a lid is too cute!

  43. hey… I’m not echinachea.. uh. Wow, I can’t beleive this page is getting comments still in OCTOBER!?!?!!!?

    I made the eggy dish twice, it’s pretty yummy. Gotta be carefu lthe yoke doesn’t pop all over you though. *sigh* I should be doing homework… Yeah. V was pretty awesome. There’s a thing on youtube now, with someone cosplaying as V cooking. The username was anasama or something like that.

  44. … maybe the whole V fever will die down after halloween and nov 5, Then we can all rest in peace about it.

  45. Shut up “I’m the Perfect Mom”… You should be grateful that people are interested in what your husband has to say, and they are kind enough to leave comments as well. Why should people leave you comments when all you do is call their comments “miserable”?… and if you’d really think about it, maybe egg recipes ARE more interesting to read about than your ” lovingly written soul-searching pieces”…

  46. Err..chill, mam. This is also my blog?

  47. Brent, you’re a dick. And V for Vendetta rocked.

  48. Dear all,
    This is the craziest stuff I’ve ever read. And all because of a humble egg and toast recipe! Way to go, Jenn!

  49. V,awesome movie. My husband said his mom made these eggs for him when we watched the movie. So I’ll make these for his bday next week. thanks. Easy on Brent,he is entitled to his goofy opinion.

  50. Genki,I’ve recently watched “V for Vendetta”(amazing,by the way,like no other film I’ve ever seen lads!!! -watch it immediately!) and stuck to the monologue.Tried wrote it down as you did but couldn’t!! Because the DVD was a greek one,as I am from Greece,the subtitles menu offered english subtitles and luckily I copied the whole subtitled scene…What I wanted to say is that the subtitle said “…to Vanquish these Venal and Virulent Vermin Vanguarding…” with Virulent instead of Villian as you wrote.. Only this..

  51. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, do not let other people choose your opinion for you. Opression and manipulation are powerful tools in the wrong hands. If you learned anything from reading George Orwell’s ‘1984’ then let it be that. Also, who says that V was the terrorist? Wasnt it the govt running around putting black bags on peoples head and torturing their own citizens? Carve that in your pumpkin and light it.

  52. hey! My family has been cooking eggs in a basket since i was a little kid! although a little variation, we never poke the yolk out, we keep the yolk whole so when you are finished, you can have the yummy yolk and dip the extra piece of bread in the yolk! it’s soooooo good! It’s my favorite breakfast and always reminds me of my grandparents.

  53. Don’t forget to butter the bread before you start cooking! That way, if you butter the bread and use butter to grease up the pan, your Eggie in a basket will come out super-crunhy…Just like Evey’s : )

    And I must agree..I don’t think I have ever been more turned on by food in a movie…lol if you know what I mean.

  54. I’ve always called it a “bulls-eye”.

    Also, I usually let the bread fry for a bit before i put the egg in, I think your problem with burnt toast is because you have the stove on too high

  55. So this dish has been around as long as people have been frying toast. Here is the scoop from Wiki. It has many different names, all of which are correct depending upon where you hail.

    And by the way, I am one of those people who “keeps churches in business”, being a Southern Baptist.

    I watched the movie. I thought it was quite good. It was entertaining, yes, but the philosophical and political themes were what were most interesting to my husband and I. \

    In the same way, even though I have no desire to watch it again, Fight Club was the start of many a round table discussion amongst many of our closet friends.

  56. brent is a shallow brain-dead individual who chooses to swallow the bullsh*t he’s been fed.

  57. I love V. The movie is simple superb. Hope world learns something from it.
    I love the recipe, simply superb.

  58. I was quite amused to read everyone’s comments. Think work will let me leave right now to go perfect this recipe? Probably not…but I am hoping to try it out in hopes of making something that looks half as delicious as the scene in “V for Vendetta.” For those who are supporters of this movie, try the flick “Closer.” It features Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Jude Law, & Julia Roberts. The movie stirs up social issues dealing with relationships, but has the same fresh strength that “V” showcased.

    Cheers all!

  59. Just wanted to say that in reference to the mention of Toad in the Hole early on in the blog that in England (who invented it) it is sausages baked in yorkshire pudding – nothing to do with eggs and bread

  60. in my opinion, “V” stands for very tasty. and victora(victory)

  61. It is true that I watched “V for Vendetta” and the one thing that actually caught my attention was a fascinating breakfast item I had never seen before — Egg in a Basket; it ddn’t appear much different from making a Grilled Cheese sandwich where you are mindful not to burn the bread on the skillet.
    However, to be on the safe side of things, I googled this blog with the helpful cooking recommendations and have now made byself a double helping of this simple to make breakfast. The first one came out perfect; the second was a little crispier, yet still delicious. I would recommend lowering the heat a bit midway through the first one so as to not overheat the pan for the second.
    Thank you J.T.!

  62. I love this page—what a great conversation all because of an egg and a piece of bread.

  63. I loved the movie V!! The eggs were just as good, if not better.

  64. I just saw the movie last night. Then i did a search for “toast with egg” to get the reciepe. I can’t wait to try it tonight. As for the movie…. I liked that the detective questioned and did not believe in “coincidences”. I thought the topics in this movie paralleled some of our losses of freedom today…. I think the movie should motivate all to ask more questions.(or should we fear to ask any questions?!)

  65. why is everybody’s spelling so horrific??

  66. First of all, your all crazy for your political views and obviously misinformed opinions. This movie promotes terrorism and if you liked it I consider you no more than a pompus fog breather. I am glad this movie took place in London, becuase you all are in major need of dental work and a stick of Right Guard…This recipe should not be called eggs in a basket. They should be called “Freedom Eggs” every time i get a taste of these delicious treats i can’t help but shed a tear for the homeland. Besides, I feel that eating eggs in the first place is wrong. In fact, it is right up there with aborting babies. Let my chickens go!

  67. I was watching V for vendetta when i found out about eggs in a basket. my curiousity lead me to search for the recipe online. Thanks 😀

  68. well well well,
    it seems surprising to me that a simple dish like this would strike so much controversy over a movie that i happen to be in..
    this is utmost interesting.. although i do realize alot of it is off topic..
    the recipe is wonderful..
    and if u will, try buttering the bread instead of using oil.
    enhances the flavor a bit..also breaking the egg yolk and stirring it in the “basket” will not only even out the egg for better cooking but also even out the flavor 🙂
    hats off to the perfect mom for posting this recipe out into the web, u ought make a wonderful lady and mother 🙂

  69. 68 responses. It’s the most comments I’ve gotten ever, like, ever!

  70. I found putting peanut butter over it makes it ownage.

  71. I have been cooking this dish for a long time since I was younger then 10 years of age in 1977. I call it just plain and simply Egg In The Middle, it is a delicious way to enjoy a quick breakfast fast and easy. It tastes good just plain or with syrup. Yes I said, syrup. It gives it a sweet taste and it is great. If you like to even add a slice of good ole American Cheese that can melt over it gives another twist on the flavor. This to is great plain or with syrup or even ketchup. But still I like it sweet.


  72. lets keep it going! lovely

  73. Notes from America – We call a pan, a pan… a skillet is a different thing. And I’d call it Egg in a Basket, not an egg sandwich… an Egg Sandwich has 2 pieces of bread, or on a roll or “English Muffin”. Generally you put Cheese, Sausage, or Bacon on it. I’m going to try this recipe out in about 5 minutes. I hope it’s delish.

  74. “Americans call this an egg sandwich.

    However, I will never ever watch a filthy movie that glamorizes and/or endorses evils like terrorism. Shame on you.”

    You must be a little slow. V was an advocate for all those people who had no voice and who were being oppressed by a corrupt government. However, I’m sure thats nothing your rich white blood has ever had to deal with.

  75. Yes, clearly, Brent misses the whole point of the movie. The only people V “terrorized” was a corrupt government that terrorized its own people. V was fighting for the rights of the people. After I watched that movie, I’ve been craving eggs in a basket. Is it possible to make that with egg whites?

  76. Note from the UK.
    As the fim may have been excelent as i think it was, do not be mislead by this simple treat. This has no history within the UK as a breakfast dish and the american writers/producers clearly wanted to create an ‘english’ sounding brakfast so gave it the title ‘eggy in a basket’ therefore giving it an ‘English olde worlde’ sounding name.

    I’m going to give this recipe a go for brecwast (thats welsh for Breakwast. (Wales is a seperate country in the UK incase you didn’t know, it aint all England))

  77. truthfully the movie v for vendetta is about a freedom fighter trying to save his country by standing up for his and everyone elses rights by showing that anyone can make a difference and it also refers to a freedom fighter in the 1700s who tried blowing up the houses of parlament who was hung for his own oppinion and tried showing the message that anyone person can make a difference if they just try, vendetta ends up killing some of the main people included in the movie, causing upset in the government and causing them to almost massacre the whole english “empire” nearly causing the english race to become extinct. so vendetta freely fights for what he believes and he is like a senator of the united states not a terrorist he stood up for who would not stand up for themselves.vendetta was used for testing and one of the few who lived, and oddly enough his cell number is 5 in roman numerals so he was in cell “V”, giving him his history, he ends up killing the people left at the testing facility who would run tests on the people, muslums and whoever else they could find. the story of vendetta follows a girl named evey(e-v)a little odd for someone who is going to meet someone with the codename “v” but v is the newer version of guy fawks.

    remember, remember the fifth of november
    gunpowder, treason and plot.
    i see no reason why gunpowder treason shant be forgot.
    Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes,
    ’twas his intent
    to blow up the King and the Parliament.
    Three score barrels of powder below,
    Poor old England to overthrow:
    By God’s providence he was catch’d
    With a dark lantern and burning match.
    Holloa boys, holloa boys, make the bells ring.
    Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
    Hip hip hoorah!

    that is the story of guy fawkes. v is the futuristic version so if you dislike the thought of a terrorist movie this is a movie showing opinion adding drama, and action it shows how united we stand divided we fall.
    if you watch the movie, the only ones who hate v are people who are part of the government or someone who is near the government.
    so all in all this movie is the story of guy fawkes who stood for his country and fought for the people. he dies but his dream lives.

    as this was typed the v for vendetta was playing for the third tome ive watched it… he fights aggainst terrorism unlike the war in iraq the war is at home his country where he defends the weak and if you still think its a terrorism movie read the robin hood book(s) i am an american, i am against the war and am looking forward to the elections hopefully hillary clinton (not sure name spelled right) becomes the new leader of our country wich will provoke womens rights wich are said to be more equivelent to mens than they really are to be equivelant. i feel that v for vendetta helps you sort of understand what america is going through till presidential elections basically everyone is against the government while the government thinks that everyone is with them.

  78. There’s a subtle difference between a freedom fighter and a Terrorist. One gets to write the history books and the other is despised by the populace at large. Remember George Washington was labeled a terrorist by the Brits.

  79. here in america we don’t call it an egg sandwich, to #1.
    but this was delicious, and v for vendetta is EXCELLENT.
    thanks mom! 🙂

  80. “eggy in a basket” was added by the film makers.

    it is not in the original work.

  81. and the reason you all are arguing about the terrorist thing is because the film makers didn’t have the balls to make a movie criticizing george bush, so they twisted V for Vendetta into their own bastardized version of a message about “extreme right wing zealots”.

    in his original and true context, V does not and is not a terrorist by any stretch of the imagination. read the original work, be enlightened.

  82. I’m astonished how this Egg in the Basket attracked everyone’s attention! I tryed to do it many times, not knowing you needed a hole there!! So you can imagine the results…
    As for the film, it is one of the only I can watch again and still feel the same passion. It’s vibrant with truth.
    Mom, thanks for keeping the first comment though, it’s simply funny!
    Bon appetit!

  83. I just made myself one of these, I don’t normally like eggs but I’m trying to eat more because of the protein, but these were delicious! Thank you!

  84. Granny Egg! I’ve been eating this for most my life (20 yrs) before V for Vendetta ever came about. Actually there’s a “Sledge Hammer” (US TV show from the 80’s) episode where he shoots a hole in the bread (he says “PULL” as it pops out of the toaster and falls into the frying pan) and proceeds to make this delicious concoction.

  85. I’m American and I’ve always called this Eggs in a Basket. I love it, and really liked the movie. So there, pffffft! 🙂

  86. YAY I found the comment box(new to this website) oki! I just recently had made an eggie in a basket and go figure >XD I had the urge from the movie V for Vendetta(which is ultimate LOVE, no clue why though,lol) So it’s such a kawinkadink I found your blog(which I wanted to comment on so badly that I signed on to this site)

    O_o I guess this is a blog site lol

    Anywho! Thanks for such a nifty post, I’m sure I’ll be back to visit your page^-^

    ❤ Chels

  87. […] I started thingie cuz of the “eggie in a basket post” […]

  88. I’m going to make this for my grandson & myself.I even like the term egg(s) in a basket,what a smart way to get a child to eat ,especially such a fussy eater.

  89. I’m watching the Vendetta movie now and will be cooking the egg in toast in the next day or two for my wife, daughter, and myself…looking forward to it. BTW, I did a search on google for egg in toast…great page. One more thing, we make bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on english muffins quite often.

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  91. Been eating Eggs in a Basket since Cracker Barrel Restaurant came to my town. Forgot about it until seeing V for Vendetta.
    I don’t endorse Cracker Barrel anymore since finding out they are racist/misogynistic pigs.

  92. We Americans also tend to call a pan a pan. The use of the word skillet tends to be regional, I’ve found.

  93. As soon as i came back from seeing V for Vendetta at my mates house i was like OHHH i HAVE to try THAT! so i tried to do it myself from just watching… and it didnt go quite well. but then i searched eggie in a basket and found this! it was almost a success apart from the fact me n mum had an argument about shuving food in somebodies mouth straight afterwards….

  94. I am having a V for Vendetta party today, seeing as it’s the 5th of November. Drinks and Eggs in a Basket all around!

  95. Hi! I’m a Mom from the Philippines. I make egg in a basket for my daughters when I want to make sure they eat a good breakfast before school. I serve it with a more kid-friendly version of the traditional ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, raisins). I spread peanut butter on a banana then sprinkle chocolate chips all over.
    When I serve traditional Filipino breakfast food (fried rice with eggs, etc.) they hardly pay attention. But with eggs in a basket and my version of ants on a log they eat everything up…and I am one smug mommy for the rest of the day!

  96. my dad always called those “Angels in a Cloud”… yolk’s the halo- egg whites the angel- bread is the cloud…. they’re my favorite!

  97. My husband and I made a different version this morning. After cutting out the hole in the bread, dip the bread (and the hole) in french toast batter (Egg Beaters, milk, vanilla and cinnamon) add the egg to the middle and fry as usual. In Moonstruck, Olympia Dukakis made a yummy-looking version with Italian bread. We watched V the other night. It gets better everytime.

  98. Ah…. and I was inspired to find out what this recipe was called b/c I saw it in the movie “Moonstruck” (1987, predates V by 18 years) this weekend and Olympia Dukakis makes this for Cher for breakfast in Brooklyn… and then the cover of the magazine Edible Brooklyn has a picture of this very recipe without naming it! That said, I’d love to see V for Vendetta (read the great reviews and social commentary) and kudos to an egg recipe that gets so many comments….

    • We were raised with this tasty breakfast dish (usually on weekends), which my Dad called “Firehouse” eggs. No, they aren’t egg sandwiches. Nobody I knew had these, so I was shocked to see Olympia Dukakis make them in “Moonstruck” (but w/Italian bread + some red veggie – tomato?–on top).

      You cut a hole in some bread (use a juice glass), put in a pan w/plenty of butter, and flip to coat both sides. Then crack in an egg. Cook to desired doneness, flipping once. That’s it!

      btw: an “egg sandwich” is either a fried egg or omelet between 2 slices of bread, with whatever you want on it. For Adam Sandler in “Spanglish” it’s an egg over easy w/bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack and mayo, on pain de campagne! *Drool*!

      See the DVD extras for the recipe!

  99. I finally found out why I keep burning “the basket” when I make egg in a basket. Thank you for the help. When I found the recipe it didn’t say on what heat to cook it on. Now I know it’s medium heat instead of high heat. Thanks again.

  100. I am so jealous. I posted a Toad in the Hole piece and got only a couple responses, did research and everything. Boohoo.

  101. phyllis, toad in the hole? please tell me where to see this. Thanks.

    –john (truth and rocket science)

  102. Saw V yesterday and started googling for ‘eggs in a basket’ today. Will make asap! Hungry now.

  103. OK, haven’t tried the recipe yet! but i will later on today, it’s 7 minutes after midnight but i have say this. Why are we making comments about fascism and terrorism, and critiquing a movie on a blog meant to be about food?! Honestly, the movie was done in honor of a graphic novel,(no i haven’t read it) aka IT’S FICTION PEOPLE!!!!! and no i’m not a skeptic, i do believe that the holocaust was real and Hitler was a dick. i do believe in the message of the movie, and no i do not tolerate the totalitarian lifestyle. alright i’ve finished my bit of rambling. Everyone please enjoy your breakfasts and brunches!

  104. I LOVE that movie. I actually made this for breakfast for the first time today because it’s been bugging me since I saw the movie, I wanted to try it. Really delicious.

  105. so what country is this most popular in? england?

  106. I first heard about this in V for Vendetta too! It’s funny but I always want to eat the food that they show in the movies. If everyone was like me the movies will make a fortune if they advertised food.

    I made it a while after and my sister thought I invented it hehe.

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  108. In the movie it was called “eggy-in-a-basket”, wasn’t it? Such a cute name (and such a great movie!)
    Thankyou for this recipe, I look forward to making it as soon as we buy some bread.

    And by the way, I don’t know of ANY American whatsoever (or wheresoever) that uses the word “skillet” more than the word “pan”, and I’d know since I was born and raised here.

  109. My friend’s mom used to make this for us when we were kids in the 1960s (Buffalo, NY). I just recently remembered it and googled and found this website. Can’t wait to make it! Also, there’s a restaurant near St. Catherines in Ontario, Canada, that makes the egg in French Toast. It is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. LOL This is exactly why I’m looking for a recipe for this — V for Vendetta! I loved that movie. What a wonderful story! And that lovely, sizzling “Eggie in a Basket” will make me smile every time I make it, now! 😉 Thank you!

  111. WTF does the movie have to do with the EGG SANDWICH ????

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  113. Add: I say we name them “Vendetta Eggs”! No really, I prefer, “Mrs. Castorini’s Firehouse Eggs” (or “Bullseye Eggs), from “Moonstruck”. Here’s my reply to a comment last year about that film, and the dish:

    We were raised with this tasty breakfast dish (usually on weekends), which my Dad called “Firehouse” eggs. No, they aren’t egg sandwiches. Nobody I knew had these, so I was shocked to see Olympia Dukakis make them in “Moonstruck” (but w/Italian bread + some red veggie – tomato?–on top).

    You cut a hole in some bread (use a juice glass), put in a pan w/plenty of butter, and flip to coat both sides. Then crack in an egg. Cook to desired doneness, flipping once. That’s it!

    btw: an “egg sandwich” is either a fried egg or omelet between 2 slices of bread, with whatever you want on it. For Adam Sandler in “Spanglish” it’s an egg over easy w/bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack and mayo, on pain de campagne! *Drool*!

    See the DVD extras for the recipe!

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  119. What foreigner decided to post this recipe, either a joke or from just another foreign fool. Use the internet for something better than this, America didn’t invent it for foreign morons to abuse with this crap. Granted internet just came to their 3rd world country and V for Vendetta is a new release in your none industrialized country but the rest of the civilized world doesn’t need this people like this trashing up the internet.

    • LOL you, sir, are an idiot
      too bad Sir Tim Berners-Lee Is ENGLISH and not american. Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the internet, contrary to Al Gore’s statements lol

      ps. V for Vendetta is great

      pps great recipe here, I made it yesterday and it turned out great. I used tin loaf asda white bread and cut it quite thick just like in V

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  121. this is a good way to get my kids to eat the bread and all thanks.

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  125. how did this go from a recipe to a movie review w ads for porn sites? What is wrong with people????

  126. We don’t call them skillets here in California, we call them pans…
    Also, I love this recipe, been eating it for years! I can’t stand breakfast foods, but for some reason I’m totally okay with this one.
    Why you have so many stupid people posting nonsense is beyond me.
    Also, your commenters seem to have terrible spelling and grammar skills… On behalf of the internet, I apologise.

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